Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone. Thanks for all the emails. My resolution
is to write everyone back!!

The station is preparing for a big party. The place is
packed. Unfortunately I'll be working tonight as the 3rd hole will be
handed over around noon. But I'm sure we will get some celebrations
in. I believe we are going live to the world at 4.30am our time for
the moving of the geographic pole. There is a lot of media here, so
I'm sure you'll hear something about SP.

There is also a number of tourists, skiers, and parachute's supposedly
arriving. The 50 people jumping out a plane is still in question as
their organisation has not been good so far.

We are on NZ day light savings time here. I figure the world goes into
the year 2000 at 1am our time. There is a chance we will have just
finished the deployment by then. So I hope to open the bottle of
bubbly Mark sent me at this time. Thanks Mark!

Will be thinking of everyone back home.

All the best,

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