Antarctic Books

Antarctic Books

I've been collecting books for many years. Once I started going to Antarctica I started collecting Antarctic books. Collecting books is not the same as buying a heap of books, even on a subject. Collecting has many and varied aspect, though I guess it could be just buying books on a single subject. I especially like finding obscure books such as Navy Cruise books or year books which often are the only record of the personal histories of Antarctica. I have a reasonably good Antarctic library, but I know of a number of better ones out there in private hands.

These pages will list books on specific Antarctic related subjects, and make some recommendations. As I re-read books I will add reviews and more details recommendations. I will add some information about buying and caring for books in general, and specially Antarctic books. I will recommend some sellers of new and used books, and give information on how to contact significant collectors of Antarctic books (that would not mind being conntacted).

If there are specific subjects you would like a book list for, or if you are also very interested in Antarctic books and would like to trade information, go to my contact page.

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