South Pole International Film Festival

The first South Pole International Film Festival was help in the 2004/2005 Antarctic summer season. I believe Brian Land (and others) were the driving force in organizing it. There were some fun and interesting films entered. The next year Brian wasn't there, but Tyler was, and he put a lot of effort into organizing a very successful event.


I intended to put together some sort of entry, but as the time got closer, I was too busy, and had almost given up. One of the things I was maintaining was a series of webcams used to monitor operations around our work site. I got the idea of stitching the footage together to see what it looked like. Looked sort of fun. I had this idea of setting it to music, but didn't have the music I wanted to use. At the last moment I noticed there was a great shot of a telescope moving, and a friend had worked on this project. Stereolab was a favorite band of his and I realized that their music would go well with it. So at the last moment I put together "Antarctic Odyssey" and dedicated it to my friend who had died at the South Pole in 2000. Below is the film I put together and entered in the 2004/2005 SPIFF, as well as smaller clips used to make it. It has no music as I have not sought permission to use the music of Stereolab. I'll put the title of the music below the link, and when to start it, in case you want the full affect.

Art work by Ken Keenan

Antarctic Odyssey Warning - 90MB!

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