Antarctic Postal History

Antarctica has a very rick postal history. Collectors have been encouraged and enthusiastic in having covers cancelled in Antarctica, and over the years the collection of commercial postal material has become a valuable source of historical information about Antarctica. Often little recorded events such as flights and voayages are best documented through the postal covers associated with the event.

This page is very much a work in progress and will focus on my area of collecting. I orginally focused on places in Antarctica I have been and worked, or have some connection to. I have expanded slightly, and at the same time become more focused. I will initially work on pages related to ANARE stations, and then hopefully in the future you will see some pages appear about South Pole, and maybe Scott Base.


It took me awhile to find a good way of storing and organising my covers. In the end the solution I adopted is quite simple. I use G&K Euro Cover albums and pages from Subway Stamp Shop. For over sized covers and other material I either use a simple 3 hole single sheet protector, or put the cover on end in one of the Euro Cover pages. I tried using a larger folder for over sized pieces, but found this inconvenient, and generally a pain. So I just use Euro Cover Albums with dust case (ZGK850AC/DBL), and get 2 extra 10 packs of pages for each folder (ZGK850RC). Hope this saves you some time, and helps you get your collection organised.

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