Timeline of Wilkes Station Antarctica

1 Jan 1957 IGY Starts
25 Jan 1957 Kista Dan visits Vincennes Bay
29 Jan 1957 USS Glacier arrives at Windmill Islands
30 Jan 1957 USS Glacier escorts USS Arneb and Greenville Victory to Windmill Islands
1 Feb 1957 Sledge dogs brought ashore from Greenville Victory by John Molholm [4]
3 Feb 1957 Construction of main "Clements huts" started [4]
8 Feb 1957 Short exploration trip onto the plateau goes 25 miles east and returns the next day. New trail named "Sullivan Trail" [4 pg 68]
11 Feb 1957 Initial contruction of living quarters, mess hall, and general science building completed [4]
14 Feb 1957 Crew moves into living quarters [4]
15 Feb 1957 Major construction completed [4]
16 Feb 1957 Official commissioning of Wilkes Station
16 Feb 1957 Mail cancelled on Arneb
16 Feb 1957 USS Glacier, Arnebi, and Greenville Victory depart
22 Feb 1957 Meteorological shelter set up at Site 1 (S1) 10km from Wilkes by Cameron, Loken, and Molholm
27 Feb 1957 Trip to Haupt Nunatak for X days by Cameron, Loken, and Molholm. Cane line on Vanderford Glacier established.
11 Mar 1957 Operation Crampon sets out from Wilkes to establish location for S2. Cameron, Loken, Molholm, Eklund, Honkala, and Noonan. Jamesway at S2 set up 85km from Wilkes.
11 Apr 1957 Trip to Haupt Nunatak by Cameron, Dewart, and Long to measure cane line on Vanderford Glacier.


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