Wilkes Photos from 1957

By Olav H. Loken

Arneb Anchored in the bay off Wilkes. Jan/Feb 1957

The Seabees blasted away part of the ice foot to provide an access ramp. Jan/Feb 1957

Construction at Wilkes. Feb 1957

Commissioning the station and turning it over to the winter staff. Capt. Charles Thomas at the mikes, Lt. Burnett - OIC of Wilkes Navy personnel in yellow, behind him, with a red cap Carl Eklund, IGY Scientist in charge. Feb 16 1957

Wilkes Station on the Clark Peninsula. Landing ramp to the right of centre. Feb 1957

Wide and deep snowfilled cravases on the Vanderford Glacier. Late 1957

Camping on the sea ice under the calving ice sheet on the way towards Cape Pointsett (east of Wilkes Station). Late 1957

Spring melt in the camp. Late 1957

Weasel stuck in slush on the edge of the ice cap. Late 1957

The Wilkes IGY scientists during the 1957 winter. Winter 1957

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