List of Personnel at Wilkes 1957 Winter

This list was compiled by Pat Patterson.

List of Navy Personnel

Don Burnett Ltjg. CEC, USNR Officer in Charge
Sheldon Grinnell Lt. USNR Doctor, USN Medical corp
Fred Charlton Chief Petty Officer Electronics
Jim Powel Chief Petty Officer Meterologist ( USN Weather )
Paul Wyche Petty Officer USN Weather
Bill Lilienthal Petty Officer USN Weather
Carl Bailey Petty Officer USN Weather
Don Bradford Petty Officer Radioman
Ken Hailstorm Petty Officer Radioman
Paul Noonan Petty Officer Photographer
George Magee Petty Officer Carpenter/Builder
Robert McIntyre Petty Officer Mechanic
Sydney Green Petty Officer Driver (Heavy Equipment Operator)
Duane Wonsey Non Rated Assistant Mechanic
Edward Bousquet Petty Officer Utilities
Dave Daniel Petty Officer Cook and Head Chef
A.H. Patterson Petty Officer Electrician

I have 2 copies of this list from Pat. The other was sent to Bill Burch. The main difference was with the description "USN Weather", which Pat also described as "Aerographer".

List of Science Personnel

Dr. Carl Eklund Station Scientific Leader
Dr. Richard Berkley Geophysicist
Dr. Richard Cameron Glaciologist
Dr. Gilbert Dewart Seismologist
Dr. Ralph Glasgal Auroral Physicist
Rudi Honkala Meteorologist
Dr. Olav Loken Glaciologist
Garth Stonehocker Ionospheric Physicist
John Molholm Glaciolologist

The Wilkes IGY scientists during the 1957 winter. Winter 1957. Photo by Olav H. Loken.


As listed by Gil Dewart in "Jouney to the Ice Age", which includes extensive stories about the dogs and trips taken with the dogs.

Kao Short haired Labrador Eskimo
Pookie (bitch) Siberian huskie
Petya Siberian huskie
Kim Siberian huskie
Kita Siberian huskie
Kageluk Mixed breed - "large wolf-like animal"
Horizon Alaska malemute
Smokey Alaska malemute

Mid year Pookie was mated with Horizon. She had pups in June. All were still born, or shortly died, except a black and white pup which was named Mukluk.


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