Wilkes 1957 - First Winter Over

Richard Berkley, Geophysicist

Richard Berkley, Geophysicist

John Molholm, Glaciologist- Chief Charlton- Carl Eklund, Station Scientific Leader

Wilkes Antenna System

Test Facility, Range Antenna, All Built on Site

Recreation Hall

Weasel trying to cross the and almost didn't make it

Mukluk, The Husky Pup

Dogs, Dan the Cook and Syd the Driver

Wilkes being constructed

Recreation Hall and Don Bradford, Radioman

Aerographers, Bill Lilenthal and Beetle Bailey

Pat Patterson and Generators

Weather Check

Generator House

Pat inspects damage to power cable caused by bulldozer

Wilkes Station Fire Truck

Repairs to Power Cable

Making Water, Frenchy Bousquet

After Snow Storm, Asphalt Melter in Foreground used to make water

Wilkes Station November 1957

Officer in Charge Ltjg. Don Burnett

Generators located in Garage

Water Storage and hot water heater

Dan the Cook

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