VOYAGE OF MV MAGGA DAN Voyage - 1959/60 V2 - Changeover Davis & Wilkes

Voyage - 1959/60 V2 - Changeover Davis & Wilkes
Expedition Leader:  Phillip Garth Law
Ship Captain:  Harald Moller Pederson

Voyage Support:
Deputy Voyage Leader: Robert Frederick Martin Dalton

Army DUKWs:
Capt V C Smith??
Lieut Colin K Bryant, RAASCOIC Dukws
Sgt J Allday??
Sgt R K Rundle??
Cpl R Armfield??
Cpl W Stafford??

Air support:
De Havilland aircraft
Wing Commander Richard Cresswell OIC and Pilot of Beaver
G W Clayton (engineer and crew) 

Hiller 12C VH-THB, VH-THC
Captain Ray T Hudson, OIC, TAA Trans Australian Airlines
Captain Peter B Ivanoff, Pilot, TAA Trans Australian Airlines
J V White , Engineer  ??? 

Round Trip:
David Cook, Surveyor
Ian Roderick McLeod, Geologist

Itinerary:	    Arrive      Depart

Melbourne			5 Jan 60
Dumont d'Urville    14 Jan 60   15 Jan 60
Lewis Island	    17 Jan 60   19 Jan 60
Davis	            30 Jan 60    4 Feb 60
Wilkes	            11 Feb 60
Davis Islands Group 13 Feb 60
Wilkes	            14 Feb 60   19 Feb 60
Ivanoff Peninsula   19 Feb 60
Davis Islands	    19 Feb 60   20 Feb 60
Chick Island 
(Henry Islands)     23 Feb 60   25 Feb 60
Lewis Island	    28 Feb 60   29 Feb 60
Macquarie Island     5 Mar 60    5 Mar 60
Melbourne 	    11 Mar 60

Helicopters were used by ANARE for the first time in Antarctica on this
voyage.  The hull of Magga Dan was damaged in a backing run on 20 Jan 1960.
One of the aircraft, flown by Captain Peter Ivanoff, crashed on 13
February in strong katabatic winds near Wilkes.   A courtesy call was made on
Dumont d'Urville before the ship sailed to Davis and Wilkes to conduct the
station changeovers.  Landings were made to conduct short scientific programs
at a number of islands.  During the stay at Davis a new surgery was built and
a new method of heating huts using hot water from a heat exchanger working off
the diesel generator exhausts was installed.  Aerial photography continued.

reference "Antarctic Events Database" data of the Australian Antarctic Data Center

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