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In the late 90s I maintained an Antarctic FAQ based on questions from schools. Somewhere along the line I lost it. Just this year I started answering questions from schools again and am going to re-build the FAQ. So here's your chance. Doing a school project on Antarctica and want to ask someone that has worked and lived there a question? First check the questions I've already answered. If it's not there, go to my contact page and send me an email. Now is your chance to ask the obvious questions like how cold does it get before someone else.

  1. The Antarctic Environment
    1. Q. What would happen if the snow melted? Why doesn't it melt?
    2. Q. Why is it colder at the South Pole than the North Pole?
    3. Q. How much snow does antarctica get a day?
    4. Q. Where will a compass point at the South Pole?
    5. Q. What is the highest point in Antarctica?
    6. Q. What is sastrugi?
  2. Antarctic Animals
    1. Q. What is your favorite animal in Antarctica?
  3. Living and Working in Antarctica
    1. Q. Do you miss Maccas? (Mc Donalds fast artificial food!)?
    2. Q. Is it true that you cannot spit in the SP?
    3. Q. Where do you put your toilet waste?
    4. Q. What type of jobs are available in Antarctica?
    5. Q. What do people do with their spare time in Antarctica?

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