Note from rock cairn along Shirley Channel

This was found in a vegimite jar under a large rock cairn on the Bailey Peninsula along Shirley Channel. Do you now what it means?? I don't! Did you leave it there?? Are you going to let on what it means? Or is it just jibberish.

    Nought approaches unhindered core existence. Well?
        Pardon thoust passion and strife.
    I sense mods improvement immediate.
        Enmasses approachith.
    Presume it would mine, Nirad, presume's that moi can enact.
        Ann equates all nullo intercourse activity exit.
    Precisely length past do thou did item singular.
        Kinematicing thoust fragilest bridge.
    Eatables equate, ego surmises, him mere acting on ourselves.
                Ego RA Zenith

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