Casey Icy News from some time in September

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It's been on again, off again blizz weather at Casey the past week. One of the consequences of the weather was the stranding of two field parties at the beginning of the week. To keep everyone entertained out in the GWH, a pirate radio station was started from the Hilton. Radio W-I-L-K-E-S broadcast on and off for two nights, with three DJ's working in shifts, ALBY the anchor, Psycho doing the crisis line, and Swivel filling in when no one could think of anything else to say.

The other unfortunate team that had gone to Robos, to do repairs on the radio gear and heating, was Andrew B. and Possum. However, like all good ANARE members they didn't seem to mind the enforced stay in the field. By the talk-back to radio W-I-L-K-E-S, I'd say they were actually enjoying themselves. But I'm still to work out who the new Caseyite Wolfman is!?

The Casey alternative transport was tested by the elements, and had to be de-blizzed before it could be brought back from Wilkes. The tentatively named 'Icy-cycle' performed as well as ever on it return and has been seen transporting its owner, Psycho, around Casey town.

The Icy-cycle - ski equiped bicycle.

Work has continued to be focused on reorders, and many people have been heard swearing at computers and thumbing through hopelessly out of date catalogues to find out what they are about to request. George has discovered the joys of string operations in IDL, with his parts being separated from their parts numbers, and the whole lot sorted into alpha-numeric order in no time at all.

With the Chef stuck off station, the Slushy was unceremoniously thrown into the world of Chefdom. Thanks to volunteer slushies George and Annette, and the wonderful deserts by Cathy, the quality of the chow was kept very high. I'm sure Swivel has found everything in the kitchen again by now.

On a beautifully sunny Sunday, Mark and DAS tested the young sea ice at the entrance to Newcomb Bay. It was discovered that it was thick enough to walk on - by DAS walking on it. However he is not about to go out and test the ice in that spot again without a boat. The ice has blown out the furthest so far, well past Molholm Island.

the Doc has been in the news again, and maybe a bit more than she wanted. The Casey local magistrate will be sitting in the near future to decide if there is any grounds for her claims of slander by the Petrel Press. The management of Petrel Press, Fester, has started coaching his defense witnesses in the unlickly chance that 12 men and women, good and true, can be found for the jury. Of course Icy-News is unable to disclose the details of the article in question, as it's obviously sub judice.

This weeks Casey gossip column was brought to you by the ASP team.

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